Cloudtango State of MSPs Report

State of Managed Service Providers Report 2016

Cloudtango holds a great deal of information from MSPs worldwide and we have been carefully looking at some of that data to produce our annual State of MSP Report. For this year’s report we have charted data sourced from 2.500 MSPs located across the globe to better understand technology trends and vendor market shares among Cloud Service Providers.

Key Takeaways

Below you will find the top key findings from the report:

  • 56% of all MSPs profiled in Cloudtango currently offer at least one Microsoft service.
  • Backup and Recovery continue to be one the most offered services with 46% of all MSPs offering it.
  • Microsoft, Vmware and Cisco continue to take Gold to Silver medals as the most offered vendors by MSPs.
  • Amazon AWS continues to be one of the hottest services while Microsoft Office 365 is continuing to gain ground among MSPs
  • Vmware continues to dominate virtualization services but Openstack and Azure have seen their adoption rates increase rapidly.

Top 10 most offered vendors by Managed Service Providers.

MSPs partner with a range of different providers to provide choice among a range of cloud services. The chart shows the top 10 most commonly offered vendors among Managed Service Providers where Microsoft, Vmware and Cisco continue to lead the pack.

Technological Partners offered by MSPs

Technologies gaining most popularity in 2016.

AWS and Office 365 continue to lead the charts in adoption rates but the most surprising entry belongs to Openstack that is getting really popular among Cloud Service Providers looking for open source alternatives to established players.

Technologies gaining in Popularity

Which are the most popular services offered by MSPs?

Virtualization, Backup and Security solutions take the medals in this year’s report. Colocation services do get a special mention as it has steadily been increasing in the charts over 2016.

Most offered Services by MSPs

Top performing MSPs

2016 rankings of the top Cloud Service Providers and Managed IT service providers across the globe based on customers reviews, testimonials and case study endorsements available throughout Cloudtango. See 2016 Tango Awards.

Top performing MSPs

Use of Charts and Data
We encourage the re-use of data, charts, and text published here. You are free to share and make commercial use of this work as long as you link any published content back to and quote as the data source.

Report Methodology
In July 2016, Cloudtango published its annual State of MSPs Report. This report is based on data from 2,500 selected MSPs profiled within to include a broad cross-section of organizations globally in order to help understand technology adoption and trends within the Managed Service Providers industry. Every single profile among the 2,500 has been manually reviewed over a period of time to keep data as up to date as possible in order to increase the accuracy of the report, however due to the dynamic nature of organizations as services and information keeps continually changing, some data from the providers profiled may currently not reflect correctly in the report. All the information collected in the State of the MSP report is based on what was available within Cloudtango as for July 5th, 2016.

We would like to remind MSPs that you can submit your corporate profile to Cloudtango here. Those MSPs already profiled can edit all company information at any time using the edit button located in the top hand right corner of your corporate profile.