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Atea Sverige AB Named to Cloudtango’s Global100 award

Global100 awards

January 12, 2020. Each year, Cloudtango honors MSPs who are leading the sector by offering premium IT and Cloud services that will help their customers drive innovation. Now in its sixth year, the Cloudtango awards serve as an important industry reference by providing a fully-independent ranking of the top performing Managed Service Providers across the globe. For the 2020 MSP awards, the entire selection process has been redesigned in order to better spotlight those MSPs who excel over several critical areas, such as support services, customer satisfaction, market growth, certifications, and innovation. As part of the new selection process, a brand-new index has been developed in order to set the highest inclusion criteria, accounting for up to 12 different performance indicators.

After completing a comprehensive screening process among thousands of MSPs, Atea Sverige AB was pre-selected and ultimately named to Cloudtango’s Global100 list for 2020. Their track record of successfully delivering premium IT services, and their willingness to put service at the heart of their offerings, helped Atea Sverige AB to stand out from the crowd and become one of the winners of this year's award.

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Att vi idag återanvänder 95 % av vår it-utrustning är en del av vår hållbarhetsstrategi och vårt arbete med cirkulär ekonomi.
Det är viktigt för oss att ha koll på vem som köper utrustningen så att den hamnar i goda händer och inte på en soptipp någon annanstans i världen.
Den h√§r tj√§nsten √§r v√§ldig smidig och funkar v√§ldigt bra och har gjort det hela tiden. Vi g√∂r bara en best√§llning till Atea som skickar √∂ver ett sk√•p, som vi sedan fyller med den gamla it-utrustningen. D√§refter h√§mtar Atea sk√•pet och ser till att all data raderas. Vissa datorer √•teranv√§nds […] More

Daniel Olsen, Service Responsible Hardware

Atea Sverige AB

About Atea Sverige AB

Specializes in IT infrastructure and delivers products and services that simplify the handling, operation and development of our customers‚Äô IT environments. We think it is essential to be close to you as a customer and that‚Äôs why we have around 30 local offices across Sweden, employing 1900 people. About 1000 of our staff are consultants, who help companies and organizations throughout the country to exploit the potential of IT more […] More

Carl-Johan Hultenheim, CEO
Company size:
1,001-5,000 Employees
Microsoft Gold
Head Office:
Kista, Sweden
Branch Offices:
Borl√§nge, Eskilstuna, M√∂lndal, Kalmar, Karlstad, Kristianstad, Ljungby, Malm√∂, Nyk√∂ping, Skara, Ume√•, V√§rnamo, V√§xj√∂, √Ėrnsk√∂ldsvik, Bor√•s, G√§vle, Halmstad, J√∂nk√∂ping, Karlskrona, Kiruna, Link√∂ping, Lule√•, Norrk√∂ping, Pite√•, Skellefte√•, Sundsvall, Uppsala, V√§ster√•s, √Ėrebro, Fr√∂s√∂n

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T. 08 477 47 00 | www.atea.se
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