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99Cloud Inc. Named to Cloudtango’s MSP10 China award

MSP10 China awards

January 11, 2020. Each year, Cloudtango honors MSPs who are leading the sector by offering premium IT and Cloud services that will help their customers drive innovation. Now in its sixth year, the Cloudtango awards serve as an important industry reference by providing a fully-independent ranking of the top performing Managed Service Providers across the globe. For the 2020 MSP awards, the entire selection process has been redesigned in order to better spotlight those MSPs who excel over several critical areas, such as support services, customer satisfaction, market growth, certifications, and innovation. As part of the new selection process, a brand-new index has been developed in order to set the highest inclusion criteria, accounting for up to 12 different performance indicators.

After completing a comprehensive screening process among thousands of MSPs, 99Cloud Inc. was pre-selected and ultimately named to Cloudtango’s MSP10 China list for 2020. Their track record of successfully delivering premium IT services, and their willingness to put service at the heart of their offerings, helped 99Cloud Inc. to stand out from the crowd and become one of the winners of this year's award.

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99Cloud Inc.

About 99Cloud Inc.

九州云信息科技有限公司(99Cloud Inc.)成立于2012年,是中国领先的专业OpenStack服务公司,专注“OpenStack企业落地最后一公里”,致力于“将Google式的牲口型数据中心技术带给传统企业”。 九州云是国内第一批OpenStack基金会企业会员,整体OpenStack社区贡献中国排名第2,并在Horizon 、Murano、Tacker、Kolla、Trove、Tempest、Mugnum、Gnocchi等项目全球[…] More

Feng Li, Co-Founder
Head Office:
Shanghai, China

T. 40 00060472 | http://99cloud.net/
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