Infozone Named Among the Top MSPs

January 20, 2022 – Each year, Cloudtango recognizes the most successful managed service providers (MSPs) around the world in what has become a global reference due to its independent approach, and in-depth analysis. In the seventh edition of the awards, the selection process continues to highlight technical excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction within the MSP industry. It is for this reason that we are extremely honored to announce that Infozone has been recognized by Cloudtango as one of the leading MSPs in 2021. “We work extremely hard to make sure our annual awards truly reflect excellence within the MSP industry,” said Jordi Vilanova, CEO at Cloudtango. “So, it is with great confidence that we selected Infozone for its strong commitment to provide premium IT services, while accomplishing a high level of customer satisfaction.”

For the 2021 awards, the technical analysis has focused on cybersecurity, support, infrastructure and cloud services. Through the selection process, up to seven years of data have been analyzed, 223 different types of certifications have been reviewed, 95 vendor partnerships have been accounted, and 22 different IT services have been evaluated. You can view the full list here.

About Infozone

Vi arbetar med det vi är bäst på. Vi är experter på system management, virtuell infrastruktur, systemutveckling och Business Intelligence. Vi levererar kundanpassade, effektiva och robusta IT-system samt strukturerar och automatiserar era IT-miljöer för optimal funktion, drift och ekonomi. Våra erfarna resurser och vår expertis tar fram innovativa lösningar för våra kunders behov.

Som kunder hos oss får ni information, kunskap och stöd i alla lägen. Vi hjälper er individuellt eller i team där vi har möjlighet att []

About Cloudtango

Cloudtango connects businesses with thousands of managed service providers (MSPs) across the globe offering an easy way to match business needs with MSPs offerings throughout the industry. Our goal is to facilitate the selection process to those businesses looking to outsource their IT and start their cloud journey.