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Secure Designs
Secure Designs provides total Internet security solutions for smaller and midsize organizations (5 to 500 employees per location). As a complete, outsourced Internet security department that designs, implements, monitors and manages customers’ network defenses 24x7, Secure Designs provides around-the-clock peace of mind that an organization’s computer operations, network and confidential digital assets will not be accessed or compromised by hackers, vandals or thieves.

20+ SME LE

IT Consulting, Email Security, Cybersecurity
Juniper, Zix | AppRiver, Cisco, SonicWall
Greensboro, United States

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Gas price posting is very sensitive and changes all the time. Price adjustments need to be made in a very timely way so communications need to be seamless, secure and uninterrupted. SDI went the extra mile to get the system up and running. Now that it is installed and running smoothly, it’s a background operation and I don’t need to pay attention to it on a daily basis. Managing security is complex - it would drive me crazy if I had to do what I pay SDI to do!
SDI are very responsive. I would strongly recommend them to other organizations. Any company who makes my life easier is doing a good thing.

Alan Atwood, Vice President
Payless Grocers

SDI is a great company to work with. Their service is impeccable – they are watching out for us all the time. We plan on working with them for a long time to come.

Tom Hutchens, Senior PC Network Technician
K&W Cafeterias

Network downtime is to be avoided at all costs. We maintain spare equipment to ensure the network is always up and running. Although there’s a huge time difference between China and the US, SDI has always been very responsive to our needs on both sides of the world.
From a technology knowledge standpoint security is the one area that would take me the most time, so it is very cost effective to let SDI take care of that, they keep their knowledge updated, and that’s a tough job because the security appliance space is always changing.
If there has been a major breach or attempt, SDI will see it before I do and will call to tell me it has been fixed. As their customer, we are protected from all of the difficulties of monitoring and updating the system– the ultimate goal of managed security services.

Jay Gammon, IT Director
Global Textile Alliance Inc.

Secure Designs takes care of everything connected with our security network on our behalf. They set policy, adjust settings, check the logs, monitor threat activity and provide detailed reporting. The firewall, SSL VPN appliance and email filtering systems are set up so that we can easily make adjustments. Secure Designs takes care of monitoring and maintenance of the SonicWALL systems, so that we can focus on other network applications.

Wayne Thompson
Brady Trane

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