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Kalleo Technologies
Kalleo Technologies is committed to our customers' success. We are a trusted partner and IT support specialist serving the marine transportation, healthcare and government industries.


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The best fringe benefit Marquette receives from working with Kalleo is the added value of the intelligence and expertise that is brought to us by having their entire staff as IT partners. They offer a breadth and depth of skill sets we could not realistically maintain In-house or find from other vendors in our area.
Kalleo is an extension to our IT department - a partner not a vendor to my team. I believe we both intentionally treat the relationship that way so we get benefits that are not typical from a traditional customer/vendor relationship. Along the same lines, I appreciate that Kalleo works with my other technology vendors without the finger pointing that often exists between separate IT providers. There is collaborative resolution to issues. There's no "hands-in-the-air-it's-someone-else’s-problem" response. Technology is no different than any other part of business or life - problems will arise. The team at Kalleo know that we have just got to solve the issue as efficiently and timely as possible. It's not about whose fault it is.

Bob Evans, VP of Information Technology
Marquette Transportation

Kalleo was willing to take on the grunt work associated with the daily support of our IT operations. They did not try to sell us on the idea of moving our infrastructure support to their team. They knew I had talented people on my team who possess the trade knowledge to perform the high level work. My team simply needed the time to do it. Because of the way we have historically operated, the IT Department has not had the opportunity to be strategic at an operational level in the business. Our new structure provides me with the opportunity to pursue operational projects and seek out ways for IT to be used to improve business and make the work performed by Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel Company better, safer, faster and more efficient. I am looking forward to the opportunity to find those projects where IT can be most useful in ways that we previously might have never known about.

Alan Perry, IT Director
Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Company

After two and a half years of using Kalleo, we made the decision to move our IT support to a company local to us. Our thoughts were simply that having support so close to our busy office made sense in the event of some catastrophic occurrence that could require emergency on-site assistance. We soon learned that we had made a mistake. Whenever we called Kalleo, day or night, someone was available to resolve our computer issues. That was not the case with the local company we switched to. Even the onsite support took longer!
After four months of frustration we elected to return to Kalleo: we learned the hard way that there is a lot more to service than close proximity. Kalleo has ALWAYS been courteous, prompt, and reasonable in every aspect of our partnership with them. We have noted how proactive they are in monitoring our servers and warning us of potential problems, and most problems are resolved in one phone call.
Kalleo is truly a unique organization; one that takes pride in its work and values good client relationships. Our entire office, including our five doctors, breathed a sigh of relief once we were under Kalleo’s support again.

Terry Bethel, Clinical Manager
West County Opthamology Chesterfield, Missouri

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