Codit is a leading IT services company providing consultancy, technology and managed services in business integration. We successfully help companies reduce operational costs, improve efficiency and enhance control by enabling people and applications to integrate more efficiently. Having started as a highly competent Microsoft BizTalk Server specialist, we have grown substantially to become a leader in business integration using a wide range of Microsoft technologies, including innovative cloud-based solutions such as Azure.
Virtualization, PaaS, Managed IT, IT Consulting, IaaS... and 2 more
Ghent, Belgium
Branches: San Gwann and 5 more
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We found that Codit is big enough to provide Stora Enso with the service it needs. We are a company that is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; we need guarantees.

Chris De Hollander, CEO
Stora Enso

We quickly realised that there are lots of skilled people working at Codit who would be able to resolve any possible problem.

Johan Sørensen, Manager Business Support Systems
Marine Harvest

The introduction of an EAI in our IT environment for our SEPA project has been a big success thanks to the Architecture Consultancy by Codit. Codit provided us valuable experience and know-how which made this project a big success.

Eddy Delavalle, Directeur Informatique Production
Banque CPH

Our internal processes run much more efficiently now. We used to program everything ourselves, which didn’t result in great flexibility. But thanks to BizTalk, we can integrate new software packages in half the time it used to take us.

Dries Verbiest, IS Integration Architect
AG Insurance

With our infrastructure migration to Azure, we decided to look at Integration as a Service. Because of our long term relationship with Codit, they were the logical and most trusted partner to take the next step in our cloud journey. With Azure, Codit and the Integration Cloud, we are able to right-size the integration and increase or reduce as needed – giving us greater ability to meet business expectations.

Andrew Goodin, Global Manager Information Systems

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