Carceron Systems Group LLC

Carceron Systems Group LLC
We provide managed IT services to businesses that have grown to a point where reliable technology services and system uptime are essential to day-to-day operations. Our services are best suited for small and medium sized businesses in commercial locations with one or more servers and ten or more workstations, but no budget remaining for full-time IT staff to support their network.

15+ SMB

Microsoft 365, Server Hosting, Networking & Wi-Fi, GCP, Cybersecurity... and 3 more
VMware, Microsoft, Sophos, Google, SonicWall
Atlanta, United States

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Carceron Systems Group has provided my company turnkey IT services for over 4 years. It is a pleasure to work with Chad and his knowledgable group of people. IT is not a headache for my company, it is a point of pride and we have Carceron to thank for that.

Jon Levy, Owner
Stone Forest

After having been a customer of Carceron for a long time, I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the fine job you and your staff have done in “keeping us going” so to speak. We love it when we have a problem that all we have to do is call in and you can fix it 98% of the time, remotely. You have kept us abreast of new innovations in technology, giving us options that will keep our company on the cutting edge.

Ann Clanton
Henning Mediation

Chad and Carceron have provided excellent IT Services for Pediatria HealthCare for Kids. They do what they say and they do it in a timely manner. I would recommend Chad and Carceron to anyone needing a partner to help them solve their IT challenges.
Regarding Carceron's pricing, my company originally started with a lower priced service provider that lead us to a dead end in terms of our ability to grow. Carceron provided us with cost effective pricing and great service along with a plan that allowed us to grow and expand our company's services.
We are a Healthcare service provider which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Carceron monitors our network and keeps our remote locations compliant with the multiple regulations needed to secure our HIPPA compliance. They have maintained and backed up our network while monitoring for potential risk. Carceron has provided a comprehensive IT service plan which has allowed our company to focus on what we do without worrying about our IT network.

Joe Harrelson, President
President Pediatria Healthcatre for Kids

Having come from a chap IT solution before Carceron, I can easily say you get what you pay for. In fact, with Carceron you get more than what you pay for. Not only do we have peace of mind knowing help is just a quick email/phone call away, but the staff at Carceron go above and beyond to solve any computer issues you may be having. With our old IT company we were always on “their time” and they had an attitude like “yeah, we’ll get to it..” And all the money you think you are saving with the cheap solution – it ends up costing you in lost productivity. For some companies it might be ok to not have working computer systems for a day, but a lost day in productivity easily runs your cost up for the cheap guys. We learned the hard way.

United Egg Producers is a small office with about 8 employees and although we’re small we have dealt with multiple network intrusions before Carceron. The really crafty intrusions are happening without you noticing it. For example, one of our computers was infected with a program that was sending thousands of unsolicited email using our mail-server’s IP address. This was going on for over a month when one day we noticed our legitimate emails were being rejected by the mail servers of people we email regularly. It turned out our IP address had been blacklisted and now we couldn’t talk to the world! Once you are blacklisted the only way to fix it is to find the bot, and wait to be removed from the blacklists automatically which can take over a month. It embarrassing to tell one of your Board members you email him for the next 15-30 days. If we had the proactive monitoring Carceron offers I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened. There are other times (before Carceron) I’ve actively seen a virus through our network and shutdown several computers and another time almost $100,000 was wired from our bank because our accounting computer had an infection that rerouted us to a fake version of our banking site. In the last scenario we were luckily because the bank halted the transaction even though all the pass codes matched. Again, think about the true cost of not having access to your systems or email for a day and compare that to what Carceron offers.

Derreck Nassar
United Egg Producers

It’s wonderful to be able to pick up my phone and say “Hey guys, got a problem over here” and they fix it. Amazing how many times they know it before I do.
When it comes to our IT management, it is not something we feel we can afford the cheap route. When our systems are down, our entire company is “down” so no computers to us means NO revenue for us. IT is one of the areas we choose to pay for the extra care and the knowledge that when we need them, they will have our backs.
We don’t have the time or expertise to be on top of every new development that hits the computer/network environment or to monitor that all my computers are safe for each new virus. To do this we would need to hire a full time person and that seemed over the top. Using managed IT services, I don’t have to constantly check each computer for current updates, then to determine if they are even relevant. I don’t have to worry about my backups every few hours and am not constantly checking to see if they are working. The hours I don’t have to do all this allows me to bring in firm revenue. It’s wonderful to be able to pick up my phone and say “Hey guys, got a problem over here” and they fix it. Amazing how many times they know it before I do.

Paula Grothe
Alan Grothe CPA

We used a couple of different IT companies over the years before hiring Carceron, I can say with all sincerity we have paid more for the same services. We have also tried the less expensive firms, and as you can imagine the level of competency and service was terrible.

I am personally Challenged to say the least when it comes to IT, so I rely on my provider for everything. We handle several National accounts and it is critical that we have a company that is responsive to our needs. Comparing the upper and lower cost providers, I feel that the balance that we were looking for was fulfilled by Carceron. We have had problems, but Carceron handled the problems timely and professionally.

Value is based on the level of service and professionalism, Carceron has without a doubt meet my expectations.

We currently are a 3.5 million dollar per year company, 95% of our business is handled directly online. Carceron has provided the necessary Software, Hardware and expertise in implementing a program for our backup data onsite and offsite. With data security being priority we trust Carceron. When we used the other companies we constantly had problems with Viruses and Spam, this cost thousands in damaged hardware, lost time.

I highly recommend Carceron for IT, Security and Data Management. We have used services for the past 6 yrs., its money well spent.

Joe Mayeaux

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