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CyberTek Engineering
CyberTek Engineering started out in the 1990's with an idea to start a company that did things different, because the end user matters. Working for some of the most well-known industry giants back in the 1980's and 1990's we witnessed first-hand the "churn and burn" mentality in the technology industry. Technical solutions were sold to enterprise clients and often the technology failed to live up to the salesmanship of the solution. CyberTek Engineering is made up of the technical engineers that were given the task of "making the solution work". Being the guys who were in charge of "making it work" over the years helped shape the technical skills and abilities of each member of our technical services team. The constant ebb and flow of the world of technology makes it impossible to stay on top of everything so with a team concept each of our technical engineers brings a unique background and most importantly years of experience as the guys who "make things work the way the customer needs it to work".

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If you are a small business owner you can appreciate my belief that vendors must treat you as if you are their employer and respond in that manner to your needs and requests. Cybertek does just that! We count on them to respond quickly to our requests, but to also anticipate our needs and they have not let us down in either regard. Responsive. Informative. Proactive.

Hugh W.
Complete Metal Fabricators

Prior to hiring David Neel (and his CyberTek team), we used another local company. It was a small firm consisting of only 2 people. There is an old adage that says: “You don’t know what you don’t know”. This was SO TRUE before CyberTek began helping us manage our IT solutions. Prior to CyberTek, our systems backup was to say the least, inadequate. When we did have a problem, getting someone over to help us, was a real issue. NOW, we make a phone call and (CyberTek) reacts very quickly to get us back online and business as usual. Down time in our business will cost us business and worse than that, it can lose us customers. In conclusion, we would highly recommend that you do yourselves a favor and give David Neel the chance to come in and explain what his company can offer. Their prices are very reasonable, their service is exceptional, and most importantly, your peace of mind is priceless.

Bill W.
Big O Tires

The Harrison County Clerk’s Office is very pleased to have CyberTek Engineering for our IT support. Issues are resolved promptly and professionally. Unlike previous companies we have contracted with, CyberTek seeks to find the most thorough, cutting-edge solution for any problem we encounter. For example, we had another vendor convert 1980’s and 1990’s divorce files to microfilm, which the state of Indiana requires if the paper record is going to be destroyed, and place those records on CDs that we could view as needed. Several of those CDs were in formats that made viewing access difficult and printing selected pages impossible. CyberTek placed those records on a private website that is easily searchable and enables us to print only the pages we select. We are thrilled with this solution. They have also enabled us to make election results immediately available to the public. We have had previous or traveling residents contact us to thank us for making them feel as if they were still a part of our community. We are very thankful to have CyberTek as part of our business family!

Sherry B.
Harrison County Clerk's Office

Cybertek Engineering has been a great partner to the YMCA of Southern Indiana. As our Y grew from a single branch to having two facilities in Clark and Floyd Counties, Cybertek was right there with us to expand our network. In any growth process, there are always bumps in the road, but their technicians stayed focused on getting and keeping our system online. With the expansion to two facilities, the demand of maintaining a network of that size grew to be too much for me to handle in house. David approached me with a managed services option to maintain all of our servers and PCs for an affordable monthly contract fee. This also allowed our staff to contact Cybertek directly with issues allowing me to spend more time on actual YMCA business. I am kept in the loop through their ticketing process which lets me keep an eye on all projects that are going on without being directly involved. We have been lucky to have a primary technician who handles most of our calls. He has become very familiar with, not only our system, but has gotten to know our employees as well. It is like having an IT professional on staff without the full time salary. This solution has been great for us as a non-profit organization trying to maintain low administrative costs.

Melissa W.
YMCA of Southern Indiana

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