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Rader Solutions
Rader Solutions is a team of knowledgeable IT service professionals backed by industry-leading software and state-of-the-art resources. Providing comprehensive IT solutions from the ground up, we are dedicated to providing education, training, and expert services including access to remote or hands-on technical support, data management, and hosting. We are your all-inclusive resource for everything IT. We are your IT department.


Backup & Recovery, VoIP, UCaaS, Managed IT, Virtualization... and 1 more
Lafayette, United States

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When we were in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, our power was out. We were scrambling in our 60-year-old building. It was the day after and we were trying to limp along. Chris Rader called and said, ‘We're on our way.’
They showed up and brought generators, water. I was so amazed by that. I’ve never seen a company that puts into practice what they say about customer service like Rader does.

Joe Montalbano
Montalbano Lumber

We’ve developed a first name relationship with the people at Rader. We're in contact with them a lot — several times a day. We get service. I try to teach our salesmen that we are the dock, and the customer is the ship. The more lines between the ship and the dock, the less likely it is to break loose. Rader’s got a lot of lines. We ask Rader to do things other customers do not. Sometimes we put them in unchartered territory — and they’re willing to go there to serve us.
I don't know how many times I've recommended them, but it's more than I can tell. If they don't already, they should consider me a good reference. I'm hard on them. If Chris wants to hear honestly how he can make his company better, I'm always happy to tell him. I appreciate the work they do.

Dorian Benn
Building Products Plus

Rader dove right in and has been a pleasure to work with from the start. Maintaining professionalism and level heads and forthright communication is critical. With any issues, they were there with a calm hand.
This has been a great partnership. Rader jumped right in and was a saving grace. We didn’t have time to develop our own talent, and they were ready to roll. Time was of the essence. We considered hiring someone, but the risk in hiring someone was that if it wasn’t the right person, we would be delayed by a year. Rader was an instant plug-in and play — and they’ve achieved the expectation.

Jared Seré, VP of operations
Acadiana Management Group

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