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CPUquote.com, Inc.

CPUquote.com, Inc.
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Save Money, Time, Increase Production!!! Call CPUquote.com to determine how our flexible Information Technology services will allow you and your company to efficiently manage all of your IT needs. Your one technology shop for all computer procurement needs… delivered at e-speed. CPUquote is a privately held computer technology service firm with offices in Westchester County and New York City serving the Tri-State. The firm's philosophy is to extend attentive professional service equally matched by high-quality products. We pride ourselves in offering unequaled knowledge and expertise in the field of computers. CPUquote offers computer products and services for small, medium and large sized businesses, including the residential community. Our products include Desktops, Notebook Computers, Servers, Workstations, Custom Built Machines, Printers, Software, PC Games, Entertainment Consoles, Accessories and Peripherals. Our services include, Consulting, Networking, Wireless Networking, On-Site Repair, Trouble-Shooting, Web-Hosting, Web Design, Upgrade Services, Internet Dedicated Products for businesses that need high-performance and full-time dedicated Internet access, Video Conferencing, Computer lessons and more! Our pricing and rate structure is determined on a case-by-case basis. I look forward to working in conjunction with you to help identify your needs and develop an appropriate budget, and we are generally able to provide you with a proposal or quote within hours of your initial consultation.
MarketScope: Local | 19 years in business
Web Development, Cybersecurity, VoIP, IaaS, Virtualization... and 2 more
New York, United States
Branches: Wellington and 1 more