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Dynamic Networks Solutions

Dynamic Networks Solutions
One size does not fit all, so we design a solution tailor made to your needs. Some networks need higher end products and others can do with more cost effective products. We can provide the same or very similar solutions with price points that fit the budget. An example of this would be a bigger company with a higher budget may need a SAN and we would recommend a Dell MD3200i (around 13,000) to fit the need of the project. A smaller company may also need a SAN but has a much smaller budget. We can build a Windows 2012R2 solution for around 6,000 that is as robust and reliable as a SAN solution to fit the need of the project. While the customer built solution will not be as scalable as the MD3200i it will offer near similar abilities and reliability at half the cost. Our solutions go beyond implementation and into training. There is no good to be gained by having a lot of technology and not knowing how to use it or what it can do for you.  Linkedin
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Huntsville, United States

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As a small non-profit with limited resources, we consider ourselves so fortunate to have Jessie and the rest of the staff at Dynamic Networking Solutions taking care of all of our IT needs. I’m confident that DNS recommends products and solutions tailored to our needs rather than the “one size fits all” approach. DNS understands that a small business needs to have the ability to stay connected while away from the office and was able to design networking solutions that accomplished this goal all well staying within our budget.
Perhaps DNS’ greatest strength lies in its customer service. The staff is courteous and responsive and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your IT needs are met in a timely manner. They have a knack for explaining technical matters in layman’s terms so their customer can make informed decisions. Dynamic Networking has gone the extra mile for us on more than one occasion and we look forward to a long relationship with Jessie and the rest of the staff.

Mary Ellen Judah, Executive Director at Neighborhood Concepts, Inc.

For over nine years now, Dynamic Networks has helped Brand Blackwell & Company stay on pace with the ever-evolving IT landscape in the public accounting industry. Working with Dynamic Networks has enabled us as a firm to leverage technology to expand the competitive capabilities that we offer our clients and provide better business value thanks to the seamless integration and collaborative efforts from our outstanding IT support.

Chuck Brand, CPA at Brand Blackwell & Company

Breland Companies has had the pleasure of working with Jessie Weems and his team at Dynamic Networking Solutions for the last 6 years. During that time, Jessie has been instrumental in growing our business through more efficient technology. Words cannot begin to share how hands on Jessie has been, and always there when you need him the most. That’s hard to find in today’s service oriented business world.
It is with the highest degree of confidence that Breland Companies would without hesitation, recommend Dynamic Networking Solutions to anybody that relies on the ability to have somebody with this level of expertise in Information Technology to help grow their business as well. We are fortunate to have Dynamic Networking Solutions as a part of our team, and would welcome the opportunity to expand on our experience with them. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Chad B. Pulliam at Breland Companies