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Dobson Technologies
Since 1936, Dobson Technologies has remained local, family-owned and on the forefront of advanced information and communication technology. Dobson Technologies is an Oklahoma-based and privately owned technology company. We own and operate a state-wide fiber-optic network, and provide full-service IT and Telecommunication solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We are celebrating 80 years of operations as a comprehensive technology firm that serves the needs of businesses across the state of Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle.


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Oklahoma City, United States

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From a management standpoint, Dobson’s customer service is first class. Their management team is determined to resolve any issue we bring to them and they are committed to fixing it in a timely manner. Dobson is good on their follow-up. It’s one thing to sell a service and then another to back it up.

Mike O’Keefe, CEO
Total Medical

Dobson manages everything. If we have any problems at all we just shoot them an email, and they get online remotely from wherever they are or come on site to fix the problem. They also continually audit my computers and upgrade everything every 18 months or so. They make sure that anything that needs to be fixed or any programs we need to get, just anything to do with my server or computers, is taken care of. If we have a problem they respond almost immediately. The guys are very responsive. They fix our problems quickly and they are very friendly. I like them. I wouldn’t be with them if I didn’t.

Noble McIntyre, Founding Partner & Principal
McIntyre Law, PC.

I would encourage other businesses needing connectivity to see what Dobson has to offer. They have provided good customer service and made it work for us in areas where we thought ‘there is no way Dobson can get a connection out there’.
Their pricing is very competitive. For example, we have a 100 MB pipe, and the price we are paying is less than I was paying in Las Vegas, which is surprising because pricing I’ve seen from other vendors for the same throughput is double or triple what Dobson has provided. The price is definitely what I would consider favorable.

Mike Essig, Ph.D., Senior Director of IT
Choctaw Casinos

Dobson has relieved headaches. One of the main reasons we chose Dobson was because their values and processes very closely mirror our own. We thought ‘we want to do business with a company like that.’ They weren’t the cheapest option, but we aren’t either. They provide great value in the service they provide which is worth paying for. They are a true partner and using their expertise has been very good for our organization.

Brad Poarch, CEO
Cory’s Audio Visual Services LLC

We entrust Dobson Technologies with managing and supporting all of our IT needs so we can focus on helping make children’s wishes come true. My employees love their response time and I love having them as our strategic technology partner.

Jeff Summers, President & CEO
Make a Wish Oklahoma

We have telephone equipment, telephone service and Internet service all from Dobson. The voice quality on their service is excellent, and we have a lot more options on the phone menus. Call answering is a lot easier for us than before. The people that we have dealt with at Dobson have been very good to us, and very reliable. They’ve really been good about answering our calls, and we’ve been really happy about how we’ve been treated.

Dr. Howard Zent
Red Earth Animal Hospital, Elk City, OK

One of the things about Dobson’s fiber service is that it is very reliable. And the speed is there when we need it. We are running 20 MB right now, which has been outstanding. We ran a Gamer’s Charity event called Extra Life, where we stream for 24 hours straight and people can make donations. During that event we needed an upgrade to 100 MB for the weekend. That was awesome and we are very grateful to Dobson for that upgrade.

Jeff Priefert
Nine Collective, Weatherford, OK

After touring Dobson Technologies’ State-of-the-Art facility, I am certain that our data is secure and in the hands of experts. Dobson Technologies’ facility is equipped with battery backups, generators, 24 x 7 monitoring, climate controlled data center, and data redundancy. Should our facility be devastated by data loss through disaster, theft, or system crash, it would not be possible to continue daily operations without severe interruption. We have backed up more than 400 gigabytes of data which includes financial records, membership information, inventory of our collections, over 100,000 archived images, e-mail and appointment calendars, library catalogs, as well as spreadsheets and correspondence. Knowing that our data is secure at an off-site location relieves me knowing that the Museum could be back in full operation quickly and flawlessly if needed. Dobson Technologies’ data backup and recovery solution offers maximum security and most of all, peace of mind.

Sharon Kasper
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Our Firm was founded in 1979 with three lawyers. In 2005, we have grown to a staff of 34 lawyers, 32 administrative staff, and an active load of 6000 cases.
In our industry, any down time could result in permanent and irreversible loss to our clients. It would seriously damage our reputation and compromise our ability to provide our customary level of outstanding legal service.
Before we contracted with Dobson Technologies, we used traditional daily tape backup systems and off-site storage. That storage process required significant man-hours and physical controls, leaving us with considerable exposure to loss of data through human handling error.
Since we’ve entrusted our data to Dobson Technologies, all our storage needs are handled automatically. Our data is secured at an offsite vault with easy recovery capabilities. We are now able to keep our professional focus on efficiency and delivery of quality legal services without the worry of preserving valuable litigation databases.

Beverly McElroy
Hartzog Conger Cason and Neville

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