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Specializing in hosted services such as Sharepoint, Exchange server, Dedicated Servers, IT Services
21 years in business
Cybersecurity, Ecommerce, SharePoint, Email Security, Web Hosting... and 6 more
Lompoc, United States

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Hosting service was fine. Be careful giving them credit card information though. I was a customer for years. I stopped using the service and thought that I canceled. They claim they do not have a record of it. They billed my credit card $ 239.40. I asked for a refund. This is their response.

"Chris, our invoices are sent out 20 days before the due date. You could have cancelled any time before the charge date. No record of you cancelling is noted in our summary page. Your account will now be cancelled at the end of the term. Sorry no refunds are permitted after the charge date. You may continue to use the site until the end of the term."
Really? I could have cancelled any time before the date but since I asked a couple of days after i can't get a refund? What difference is a couple of days?
By the way I do not show a record of ever receiving an invoice 20 days in advance.

Not a very customer friendly policy. Does not seem very appreciative of my years of business.

Chris Rhodes
Rhodes Retail Services, Inc.


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