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IT Support LA

IT Support LA
IT Support LA is a concierge technology provider focuses on business management through technology for small business in the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to completely manage the technology side of our customers and allowing them to use the latest technology without compromising their security.

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Los Angeles, United States

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IT Support LA has helped me to lay down the IT foundations I needed for my growing business.
Now that my practice accelerates and we need to make sure everything is backed up and running well, their design at early stage really helped us transition to bigger and more complex infrastructure without us suffering from any lack of process or design flaws.
IT Support LA has been crucial to my growing business and I really don’t think I would be relaxed about growing my business if I didn’t have them and had to “figure out things” on the fly like others have to do. I truly cherish their expertise and everything they have done for my practice.

Matthew Kanin
Law Office of Matthew Kanin

Technology is something I always enjoyed learning about. As a business owner, I like to face challenges related to my business and sometimes IT is part of it. It gives me satisfaction to solve minor issues that my employees have, however, with time it becomes tiring. As my company grows, there are more and more IT challenges that become a struggle for me to deal with. It was difficult for me to give up on controlling every aspect of my company but I learnt to let go and bring in professionals. IT Support LA grabbed my attention with their marketing and appealing approach. Once we discussed my issues and goals, I understood that this is the right company for me.
In addition to this, their offer of money back and no contracts really made my decision to give them a chance easy. Since then, they are in constant touch with me through emails, calls and reports. I receive monthly newsletters about whats trending in the technology today and even though I don’t do anything IT related anymore, which was really freeing, they still make me feel like I am on top of everything.

Steve Moore
Steve Moore CPA Corp.

They are so local its amazing. I don’t have to worry about anything or get frustrated like I used to before. I don’t have to submit a ticket like some companies require and wait hours for a response like I'm another task on their computer. I can chat with them instantly, call them or email my account manager and someone will remote instantly to check out my issue. If its more complex, within 30 minutes someone is coming by and solves our issues on the spot.
What amazes me the most is their billing service which never nickel and dimes me. The bill is flat, always on time and properly adjusted. I can plan my company budgeting years ahead knowing that my IT cost is exactly the same every month. I speak to many colleagues and I know this is something that none of them can say about their organization.

Yousef Safa

I highly recommend this company!! Very knowledgeable and efficient. Fair priced and honest. They are my IT company for now and in the future. They set up our server, work station, integrated network, web portal, etc. Always a pleasure to deal with on the phone and in person. Thank you for all your hard work!

Fernando Zastoke
Air Plus Refrigeration

We first decided to outsource our IT services a few years ago. Switching to IT Support LA was due to our dissatisfaction with our previous IT provider who lacked in the technical knowledge, business acumen, and proactive approach that IT Support LA possesses. We also love the fact that the engineers are able to explain products, services, and processes in a manner that everyone is comfortable with.

Jason Adelman
HCF Insurance

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