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OnRamp, a LightEdge company, offers HITRUST-certified data center and cloud services with a focus on delivering highly available and secure hybrid hosting. Their solutions help organizations in healthcare, financial services and educational services meet strict compliance standards including, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and FERPA.  Linkedin
MarketScope: Large | 25 years in business
Colocation, IT Consulting, Managed IT, OpenStack, Private Cloud... and 3 more
Cisco, Citrix, HP, Microsoft, VMware... and 3 more
Austin, United States
Branches: Raleigh and 1 more

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Primarily, since we already owned our own hardware, we wanted to rent rack space so we could just pick up our machines and move them over and install them. We were looking for redundant internet connections, given our previous mishaps, we thought that was very important and technical support was really high on our list. We have been extremely impressed with OnRamp’s technical support. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I can call, someone will answer the phone and within minutes they can be in our rack helping us diagnose the problem remotely.
The technical proficiency of the support staff is amazing so, when they pull a cart out to our machine they can log-in and run commands and it’s almost as if I’m sitting there myself.
OnRamp has helped us achieve extreme reliability in our services. We find that our customers use our servers 24 hours a day and a lot on Sundays as they prepare for Monday. And so having redundant internet connections, and redundant routers, and redundant power connections has given us uptimes in the close five nines, and so we think that makes a big difference as we deliver service to our customers.

Jim O'Quinn, Owner at Financial Services Online

A couple years back we started looking at what the cost for us to maintain [our] hardware infrastructure was. At some point it made more sense for us to just lease it and have OnRamp be the primary person responsible for the hardware… And that just turns out to be a much easier way to do things, by utilizing OnRamp as a force multiplier for our IT department.

Alistair Deakin, President & CEO at KaleidaCare

We work with banks and credit unions in the U.S. who are regulated by the government. We have a lot of private member data that our application uses for decisions, and the data is the credit union or banks data, and so it’s really important that the data center that our data is in is controlled and managed correctly.

Ryan Collins, CTO at Open Lending