Alpha NetSolutions, Inc.

Alpha NetSolutions, Inc.
We provide managed network services to small & medium businesses in Southern New England. We also offer backups and disaster recovery, virtualization, cloud services, security (perimeter, Unified Threat Management, and Email Threat Management), project management, and procurement services.

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Millbury, United States
Branches: Millbury

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I started working for Netstal 12 years ago, and ANS had already been supporting our systems for 3 years. I heard they had helped us out with a major server problem.
They have been supporting our network ever since. Six months ago, we signed up for their AlphaCare Managed Service, and they are handling the details of managing our 5 servers, our firewall, and our switches. They also recently put in a Disk-to-Disk backup solution for us.
With our Disk-to-Disk Backups, I don't spend all my time dealing with tapes – swapping them, testing them, and rerunning jobs when they don't work. Our backups are faster, and we put much less effort into getting them done right. I get a daily notice that the job ran fine (or didn't), and get a weekly summary report, so I know what's going on without spending a lot of time on it. I've worked with tech support, they have been fabulous to work with.
Before, I was running around dealing with backup issues, system issues, AND application issues. Now I can focus on the application issues, because I know they've got the platform stuff covered.

Darlene Theriault, Office Manager
Netstal Machinery

About 12 years ago, we were having major problems with our accounting application crashing. Our old computer support company was blaming our accounting software, and our accounting software vendor was blaming our network. After weeks of no resolution to our problems, our accountant recommended we contact Alpha NetSolutions. They came out that day, and fixed the problem! Since then, Alpha NetSolutions has supported our network. They can always fix the problem. We've had the same lead engineer for 12 years, and we are very comfortable with him. We've had no major problems since that issue 12 years ago, and the minor problems we've had since then are always resolved in a short period of time.

Debbie Dutra, Treasurer/Office Manager
G. Lopes Construction

The best thing for me about AlphaBDR is that I have confidence to make changes to my server knowing that it is relatively painless to roll them back. I noticed on Labor Day that I didn't have to go in to change the tape, or remember to disable the backup for that holiday. Ever wondered on which tape is the backup from two Mondays ago? The tape in the drive doesn't seem to have a name that matches the catalog and a rebuild is going to take forever. Yeah, tape is an awful solution, go with AlphaBDR and find a little peace in your world.

Greg Gibson, IT Director
New Haven Dental Group

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