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Danoffice IT puts a world of IT excellence at your disposal. We offer access to everything from servers, storage, networks, PC’s, printers, hosting and services – brand leading solutions that create synergies across the entire business. You have access to strong competences and unique expertise – matching the IT solutions and the consultancy we provide to national and international organizations, public institutions and private companies. And we make things happen. Because progress, quality and results are deep-rooted in our DNA.
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Each year, the cloudtango awards recognize the most successful MSPs around the world in what has become a global reference due to its independent approach, and in-depth analysis. The selection of Danoffice IT for the MSP10 Denmark award, confirms its technical excellence, customer focus, and innovation within the industry.

25+ SME LE ISO 27001

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P/F Poul Hansen

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Svendborg, Denmark
Branches: Newark and 2 more

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We have a great need for storage, as we have several of the world's largest fishery databases. Furthermore, we need elbow room for our developers, who are constantly developing new ways for how we can pull even better statistics from the datasets in order to generate the optimal insights from the data we have obtained from the individual institutes.
Such a large project necessitates a partner more than simply a supplier. Danoffice IT are very capable. They know what they are talking about and work quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we got the price right straight away. I have not had that experience with other suppliers.

Marianne Neldeberg, System Administrator

For us, it makes good sense to outsource parts of the IT operations. By outsourcing areas such as server administration, surveillance, patching, and backup, we avoid having to hire many more IT staff in order to get access to the necessary professional capabilities. We also gain an ability overlap so we can keep operations running in the advent of illness/holidays/etc. It would be expensive for us if we were to try and run everything ourselves and match the service level we get from Danoffice IT.

Alan Andersen, IT Manager

There is no crime on the Faroe Islands, so it is not something that we have had to address until recently. We are very much an IT-driven company and cybercrime is something we take very seriously. That is why we have outsourced our security measures to Danoffice IT.
IT is the nexus of our company! Reliability is extremely important. If we do not deliver food and other necessities, our customers cannot just go to a corner store to buy the milk and bread they need. We have a big responsibility towards our customers, and without our IT system we would never be able to maintain our high level of service.

Hoegni Hansen, CEO
P/F Poul Hansen

During corona it has been essential for us to quickly adjust and play tournaments from our offices in Copenhagen, to prevent the players from travelling. It has worked out very well because our platform is highly professional and prepared for the task.
Our organization is still young and our 25 employees are occupied in communication, social media, legal matters and everything else related to an elite sports company. But we still don’t have an IT department, so we need full-service administration on our IT solution. Danoffice IT are in charge of operation, service and surveillance. With our current need this gives us great flexibility and quick expedition to have a large team of specialists ready to service us. Furthermore, Danoffice IT completed the full installation and implementation in just one month.

Jakob Hansen, CFO
Astralis Group

The HP servers are three years old and have already made their ROI. It definitely helped me to be open to Danoffice IT’s compelling arguments for HP PC’s.
They are ahead of the game, up to date, and excellently suited to hand-pick the right HP specialists. Danoffice IT has my back and helps me deliver the performance my peers and superiors want, including managing to get more for less.

Jacob Lindberg, IT Manager
Brenntag Nordic A/S

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