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Datapipe Managed Cloud for Amazon Web Services is a unique offering that combines the flexibility, scalability, and power of Amazon’s world-leading cloud platform with Datapipe’s award-winning managed services and support. As a Managed Service Provider and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Datapipe can help you maximize the value of Amazon Web Services: Managed Cloud for AWS - 24/7 support, monitoring, response & resolution; Cloud Analytics and Optimization - Insights and analytics for optimizing AWS; Committed Instances - Save 15% or 35% on your AWS Compute Spend; AWS Direct Connect Solutions - Benefit from fully managed hybrid IT. ISO 27001. Datapipe was acquired by Rackspace in Nov 2017.  Linkedin
MarketScope: Global | 21 years in business
DaaS, VPS, Hosted Exchange, IaaS, Server Hosting... and 15 more
Brocade, HP, Microsoft, EMC², NetApp... and 13 more
Jersey City, United States
Branches: Singapore and 3 more

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We sometimes spin up extra environments in AWS for testing. Datapipe’s automation experience got us to a place where we can do this with a minimal amount of effort. This is something we didn’t have any experience in and Datapipe did.

Scott Rankin, VP of technology at Motus

Datapipe architecture and operational teams have provided us valuable insights and technical advice. They have been instrumental in solving our issues while guiding us on our cloud journey, allowing us to focus on our business.

Joshua Woon, CTO at Challenger - Singapore’s largest IT retailer

We are in a much better position to fulfill specificcustomer needs. Datapipe can meet nearly all the hosting requirements. We’re very happy with how things are going. At the end of the day, we’re a software company, not a professional services company. Datapipe is, and it is incredibly valuable to have a professional partner to help us with those managed services. They’ve freed up our IT and support teams they can now focus on supporting our software, not dealing with hosting issues.

Philipp Offermann, Senior Product Manager at Acrolinx

If there is ever an issue with a server, Datapipe has another one on hand to solve the problem. The fact that Datapipe manages that process is a huge game changer. Datapipe does it all, non-stop.

Erik McMaster, Global Hosting Manager at Instem

I immediately liked Datapipe. The information I needed to understand the solution was right in front of me.

Hycel Taylor, CEO & Chief Architect at Wild Bamboo Rocket

We are a large company and needed to be more flexible in how we serve our customers. Since we are evolving how we deliver offerings, we wanted to be able to quickly provide new customer solutions and options based on what we hear in Customer Council meetings. Orange explored several infrastructure options, including building CIC 2.0 through traditional hosting. In the end, speed and flexibility were the reasons we decided to partner with Datapipe. Things are usually faster in our partner’s ecosystem than doing it internally. We had some key milestone dates we needed to meet, and we could only meet them by using a cloud solution.

Lee Cardona, Global Solutions Director at Orange Business Services

The research and benchmarking made it clear that Datapipe was the best choice for us. They embraced our dreams.

Matt Scalf, co-owner and co-founder at Izoox

For Rock Band and Rock Band 2, we performed load testing on our servers using an in-house solution. This configuration created security concerns and resource issues. Also, we could not launch as many instances as we wanted to in order to scale the load testing. These issues combined with the desire to save money on load testing led us to look at cloud computing options for load testing when launching Rock Band 3.
Using Datapipe has reduced the total cost of ownership for the load testing infrastructure. Since we require around 100 servers, the economics of doing this in-house does not make sense.

John Eskew, Networking Technical Team Lead at Harmonix Music Systems

With Datapipe, you can add and remove cloud servers in minutes. We definitely do more adding than subtracting, but our traffic is bursty. Datapipe scales to meet our needs. We’ve never experienced running out of space. We just grow and grow—without worrying about hardware. When you operate your own hardware, planning is a constant concern. It’s great to look at our growth projections without having to figure out where I’m going to source all that hardware.
Time and resources that go into infrastructure and maintenance aren’t available for feature development. In your best-run data center, you have highly skilled people who spend most of their time making sure all the lights are green. We let Datapipe do that for us, and they do a great job. The performance is there along with service and reliability. Our team is able to spend almost 100 percent of its time adding value to our services.

Evan Balafas, CEO at Excite

Propriety technology didn’t appeal to us. We didn’t want to be forced to build our service so it only ran well on one IaaS provider. Basically, Datapipe lets us use machines as machines, not as components bundled into a proprietary platform. So we can develop our solution without those limitations. We also like the control and ease of use we get with the Datapipe management console.

Eyal Peretz, Application Lifecycle Management Team Leader at Artizone

Datapipe was really good at guiding us through the move to China and helping us get the sign-off from various government authorities. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without their support and expertise.

Graham Lyden, Technical Director at EducationCity

One of my first experiences with Datapipe was an email discussion around configuring our database requirements. I asked for their recommendations and within 15 minutes I had five Datapipe experts chiming in on best practices. Utilizing Datapipe’s Hybrid IT solution has had an amazing effect on what it allows Findly to do. We’ve been able to do things that we would have not otherwise been able to do or could have done, but at a very high opportunity cost to the company.

Tyler Holbrook, Senior VP of IT at Findly

We consider the Datapipe team as an extension of our IT staff.

Kenneth Lawrence, Director of IT at ZeroChaos

We needed a disaster recovery environment that was best of breed to match the 99.99 percent uptime of our new Oracle ERP solution.
For a long time, we did not think our requirements would work with Amazon. We required private networking and multiple nodes to be replicated synchronously, that seemed to defy implementation at a public cloud provider. We learned that the Oracle Limited solution was available to us at no cost when in sleep or standby state. AWS is an authorized cloud platform for Oracle — one of a very small number of approved cloud vendors. As for a cloud service provider, CDW recommended Datapipe. It was Datapipe’s flexibility and willingness to share its operations expertise that attracted TaylorMade to the cloud provider. From the very beginning, we were talking about instances and hourly costs. This was an entirely different approach from the colocation options we explored earlier.

Michael Nevlida, Director of Infrastructure and Services at TaylorMade

The infrastructure is very critical to us because we’re dealing with businesses’ payments, so if we’re offline, that affects their ability to do business and sales and make money. With managed services, we don’t have to worry if something goes wrong, we just call Datapipe and they fix it.

Tony McGrath, CIO at eWAY

The superior connectivity and service provided by Datapipe at our traditional locations gave us the confidence to pursue the mobile unit, which has a time-sensitive aspect to it.

Mark Brodbeck, CEO at ToolBankUSA

We are saving at least 40 percent on IT costs because we can scale down and always match our computing power with the traffic. It is costing us virtually nothing to keep the site live when the game is not active.
No other vendor could match the level of flexibility and scalability that Datapipe offered us. The others were not cloud-based and they were not as willing to work with us on this exploratory program. Datapipe understood what we needed and they were very willing to help us.

Justin McDonald, VP, Marketing, Digital Media at The Breeders’ Cup

We run whatever we can in a virtual environment but we’ve found that there are some applications that just aren’t well suited to that architecture. Datapipe allows customers to take advantage of multiple cloud paradigms to get the perfect fit for their needs. It allows them to grow in a truly elastic manner in the way that’s most pragmatic for them. Ultimately, the goal is not to own any equipment at all and have the ability to scale up and down as we need to, that’s the biggest benefit of cloud computing through Datapipe.

John Jackson, VP Global Infrastructure & Procurement at D+M Group

The Efficiency Toolkit software hosted by Datapipe is core to managing all of our projects at ENWORKS.

Jane Ashley, Resources Officer at Enworks

Datapipe’s capabilities to manage hybrid environments and ability to incorporate Microsoft infrastructure into hosted private clouds as well as integrate with Azure’s public cloud environments make the company a natural fit to work with Azure.

Aziz Benmalek, VP Worldwide Hosting & Cloud Services at Microsoft

The great thing about Datapipe is it provides a highly reliable, easy-toscale Exchange environment with very little downtime. It not only helps keep operating costs low, but allows us to add resources with virtually no lead time.

Michael Boeglin, Director of Global Infrastructure at International Rescue Committee

Datapipe has enabled Lotaris to successfully implement a PCI DSS Level 1 Services Infrastructure for its brand new LME (Licensed Mobile Environment).
Lotaris customers benefit from world-class service delivery with geographical redundancy and guaranteed service levels. The true value we gain from Datapipe as a managed service provider is that they do not stop at the infrastructure. Datapipe manages the entire solution, leaving us to concentrate on our custom code and business development.

Christophe Lienhard, COO at Lotaris

Our journey began with hosting our own servers, only to recognize that we need to concentrate on being a services provider, and not having to worry about managing our technical infrastructure. Of great interest to us was Datapipe’s ability to manage the whole solution, while enabling us to become compliant by offering a PCI package that could layer on top of our infrastructure. Datapipe provides us with all the information that an auditor needs in order to prove that all the necessary data protection processes are in place – PCI compliance is 20 percent technical and 80 percent process.
I have found that Datapipe’s tech support team is exceedingly responsive, knowledgeable and willing to sit down and work through issues.

Thomas P. Gregory, CTO at Presidio

I was able to leverage the Datapipe infrastructure so that I do not have to spend a lot of time tuning the system. Because I have the horsepower behind me, I can focus on functionality and features rather than having to continually retune the system to achieve better performance. Leveraging Datapipe’s cloud, HP and Oracle expertise, I was able to get a system that’s exponentially faster with a savings of 35% over our prior solution. If we attempted this on our own, the sheer capital cost would be in the millions of dollars in order to achieve even half of what Datapipe provides us. It would be far too expensive for me to get this type of expertise and security in my Milwaukee office.

Tom Rumberg, VP of Technology at Provade

Setting Datapipe apart is a well rounded skill set covering both the cloud and the SharePoint application. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with a 24x7x365 support model Datapipe is a great fit for our needs.

Jeremy Fuchs, VP, Financial & BI Systems at Lionsgate

What brought me to Datapipe was not where I need to be today, but where I need to be tomorrow.

Ryan Mann, Operations Architect at ScreenScape


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