Lead Generation Program for MSPs

Make PlexHosted stand out from the crowd

tangoPlus is a lead generation program that helps your MSP business stand out from the crowd by promoting your Cloudtango profile in search results, local listings and key placements within Cloudtango. The program is designed to increase both visibility and discoverability for your business. Other popular online ad platforms are traditionally overcrowded or are just not relevant enough to companies looking to externalize their IT needs to a Managed Service Provider. TangoPlus solves these problems by presenting your services to the right audience with a fully tested methodology that will increase conversions and help your company grow. Whether you’re looking to get the phones ringing, to increase brand awareness or keep customers coming back for more, tangoPlus can help.

Increased Discoverability

Companies use Cloudtango to search for an IT partner to whom externalize their IT systems and services, with tangoPlus, your company will appear at the top of Cloudtango’s search results when companies look for IT Services that match your IT specialties. Your company profile will get promoted only when it matters, helping you reach the right business opportunity at the right time. Key search criteria’s that match your business offerings is the right place to be in order to increase the options for your company to be discovered.

Local Listings

Extremely popular, Cloudtango’s local listings provide an easy way to locate Managed Service Providers in each businesses’ local area of interest. With tangoPlus, PlexHosted will appear leading your associated local listing and positioning your business in front of the right audience looking for a local IT service provider.

Local listing placements may not apply to your company, if you are unsure on whether you have a related local listing, we recommend trying our Free Trial option to review it without compromise.

Homepage Placement

Cloudtango’s homepage handles more traffic than any other section of our website, with so many companies using it daily it makes for a great place to provide visibility to your company. With tangoPlus, we will make sure your potential prospects notice your brand and consider your IT service offerings.

Trending MSP

Your company profile will automatically be showcased as Trending MSP within relevant profiles across Cloudtango, placing PlexHosted in a very clearly visible section even when companies are browsing other Managed Service Providers profiles.

Related Providers

All companies in Cloudtango carry a related section called “More IT Service Providers from this area” on the righ-hand side of each profile. With tangoPlus enabled PlexHosted will appear leading the associated IT Services related lists and effectively placing your services next to some of your competitors.