Sponsor Program for MSPs

Make Viatel stand out from the crowd

tangoPlus is our sponsorship program designed to help your MSP business stand out from the crowd. Once enabled, your Cloudtango profile, services, client endorsements, and case studies will be promoted across Cloudtango increasing both visibility and discoverability for your business.

With tangoPlus we will be presenting your services to the right audience with a fully tested methodology that will increase conversions and help your company grow.

Increased Discoverability

Companies use Cloudtango to find partners to whom externalize their IT needs and with tangoPlus, your company will appear at the top of those search results helping you reach the right business opportunity at the right time.

Cloudtango Listings

At Cloudtango we publish a range of different local and specialized listings providing an easy way to find managed service providers meeting some specific requirements. While local listings provide information about the MSPs available in a given city area, specialized listings provide information about MSPs specializing on some IT service or technology. tangoPlus will rank your business heading a listing, providing your company meets the right requirements.

Homepage Placement

Cloudtango’s homepage handles more traffic than any other section of our website, with so many companies using it daily it makes for a great place to provide visibility to your company. With tangoPlus, we will make sure your potential prospects notice your brand and consider your IT service offerings.

Guest Blogging

MSP Corner is Cloudtango’s official blog where we discuss information and communication technologies, cybersecurity, MSP insights, the cloud, and more. As a tangoPlus member, you will automatically be allowed to guest post up to two blog entries each month, providing you follow some basic guidelines.

Guest blogs are vetted by our content editors.

Related Providers

On the right-hand side of each profile, companies in Cloudtango carry a related section called “Managed Service Providers near ....”. With tangoPlus enabled Viatel will appear leading the associated companies and effectively placing your services next to your local competitors.