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Bensinger Consulting
Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP’s) have traditionally focused on large corporations, but small and midsize businesses are most often the target of cybersecurity attacks. We offer Managed Security Services to small and midsize businesses. A regular Managed Service Provider (MSP) is no longer good enough to keep you safe. You need a security EXPERT to truly protect your data, your livelihood, your reputation.


Phoenix, United States

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We are not technical, but they made improving our security EASY. They make sure we meet data security requirements for our industry. If you have non-technical people, Bensinger Consulting will be very patient. They have excellent customer service!

Melanie Mroz
C2C Advisors

I can and actually have called at just about any time, day or night. Bensinger Consulting has always been available when I need them. I recently called to get some computers setup and a technician was in our office in less than an hour and stayed for the rest of the day. They have done a great job keeping our network secure and running properly so that I don't have to worry about it.

Ryan Corey, Operations Manager
Lee & Associates in Phoenix

Bensinger Consulting has been hosting our servers in the cloud since 2011. We have multiple office locations. Having our servers hosted in the cloud gives us secure, remote access from any location. Bensinger Consulting consolidated our email so that we can easily use multiple email addresses (e.g.,,, Their Virtual Office solution is also scalable. We can add or remove users as needed by leasing the software on a monthly basis. In 2012 we began using a hosted PBX solution for our phones which has allowed us to seamlessly integrate multiple office locations. Bensinger Consulting always gives us prompt support whenever we need them.

Vijay Patibandla, VP of AZ Operations
RBW Companies

I am a one-man IT department and I’m so thankful to have Bensinger Consulting as part of my team. I am able to utilize their tools and expertise to implement solid security solutions. Also, I am able to go on vacation and truly relax knowing that Bensinger Consulting will take care of things while I’m away. If you’re a one-man IT department and you need a team that has your back, give Bensinger Consulting a call!

Robert Polk
PEM Real Estate Group

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving. Bensinger Consulting keeps our systems safe from employee errors and outside threats. They manage our network and computers so that we can do what we do best, serve our customers. They provide us with the information we need to make informed decisions about our business. Their technicians are always patient and take the time to break down issues into language we can understand. They have excellent response times and are always there when we need them, both during the normal work week and after hours.

Heather Hendon
Danny’s Truck Wash

Waiting until you’ve been hacked is the wrong time to get serious about cybersecurity. We use Bensinger Consulting for cybersecurity services and we have never been hacked. They keep our firewall and network devices impregnable from outside hackers clacking away at their keyboards. They also provide our employees with ongoing training and phishing emails. If anyone clicks on a link, Bensinger Consulting receives notification and follows up with targeted training. Bensinger Consulting is not the cheapest IT company, but price isn’t the issue. The issue is value. Going with a cheaper IT company won’t save you money in the long run if your most valuable assets are vulnerable to hackers and naïve employees. I have known other business owners who did NOT take cybersecurity seriously and THEY WERE HACKED. I sleep well at night knowing that Bensinger Consulting keeps safe everything for which I have worked so hard.

Rick Cox, President & CEO
RLC Labs

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