Ever since Nordcloud was founded in 2011, we've been on quite the adventure! We've served over 200 customers, expanded from our Helsinki base into new countries, and been on a constant quest to bring together the brightest minds in the industry to create the ultimate cloud team. As an ambitous organisation whose true north is growth, change is most certainly inevitable - however, there will always be one constant; we will always be focussed on helping organisations gain the maximum benefits of the cloud by building the best possible solution for our clients. This is just the begining of our story and we look forward to writing more exciting chapters with you as we adventure forward!
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10+ LE AWSMicrosoft EU ISO 27001

Raiffeisen Bank International

Enabling dispersed teams and business units to seamlessly develop and deliver financial […]


Porsche Informatik

With Nordcloud’s Azure Cloud Foundation service, Porsche Informatik has a best in class […]


Virtualization, Azure, Cloud Migration, Colocation, Data Storage... and 5 more
Trend Micro, Microsoft, Google, Amazon
Helsinki, Finland
Branches: Stockholm and 6 more

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The end results of the migrations are a much faster time-to-market for our development of new services as well as more than 50% in yearly savings from the infrastructure and related services.

Markus Niskanen, Integration Manager
VR Group

The project led to savings of both time and money, but the most important outcome was that we could replicate our system everywhere in the world, launch in new markets, and achieve our goals for international growth.

Magnus Lundqvist, Head of IT Operations

Our clients want to focus on data integrity, control and the certainty of compliance. The management and change management of compliance technology, while critical, is not differentiating for a bank.
The ability to deliver our world-class solution as a service allows AxiomSL to provide more value and a better solution to our clients. Nordcloud helped us accelerate our migration to cloud. Our ability to move confidently from concept to client-ready in less than 9 months was in no small part due to their experience and skill.

Peter Tierney, CEO APAC

The word transformational is often used in IT, however, in my experience it is rarely delivered. Nordcloud, however, have delivered a transformational service. Server hosting in the past has involved system integrators who operate remotely and can leave you with the feeling of being divorced from your own infrastructure. Nordcloud turn the traditional model on its head. They collaborated extensively through the design stage and architected a solution that is efficient, responsive, cost-effective and transcends our entire technology stack. Gone are remote implementation teams – Nordcloud come in and build your infrastructure sitting on a desk next to you and then iterate it until it runs as planned and delivers the promised benefits. That is what I call transformational and innovative. I will happily recommend Nordcloud to other companies who are looking for a trusted partner to change their infrastructure to the latest cloud architecture.

Will Blake, Director of Technology & Analytics

Improving efficiencies and ensuring we’re set-up to deal with rapid business growth, and further expansion to new countries is vital. For us, the Cloud is a key factor in this. We would recommend working with Nordcloud to any organisation who need help with the Cloud. The team was easy to engage with and we were really happy with their depth of knowledge and competence with Amazon Web Services. They took the time to understand our business objectives and were able to match them with bespoke technical solutions.

Tom Peach-Geraghty, Head of IT Operations

The cooperation with Nordcloud enabled Talend to bring such a complex solution to market in less than three months from project launch. The combination of AWS technology with the solid experience of Nordcloud was the guarantee of success and an on-time delivery of the product to market.

Dietmar Lenzen, VP of Product Development

I have been very pleased with the relationship we have developed with Nordcloud and impressed by their technical understanding of the platform, as well as how they have integrated with our team. This is hopefully the beginning of a long relationship where we fully exploit the opportunities presented by AWS.

Garry Lengthorn, Director of IT Services

The combination of the AWS product portfolio and Nordcloud’s talented, customer-focused expert team—developing services directly in the cloud—provides Sanoma Games with the scalability and durability to successfully serve millions of gamers around the world.

Olof Hoverfält, Head of Sanoma Games Business Unit

We went to Nordcloud to ensure that the most important strategic part of our offering was a success. The overall experience of working with Nordcloud was phenomenal.

Adil Osmani, CEO

Nordcloud have been a true partner to Lumesse, helping us achieve our goals to migrate multiple applications to the AWS Cloud around the globe over the last year. I would highly recommend working with Nordcloud they have a deep knowledge of the AWS Cloud and a professional approach to working with customers.

Nick Goss, Senior Vice President of Service Delivery

We decided to utilise the experts of our partner, who supplements our own team. The cooperation with Nordcloud yielded good results and continues today.

Seppo Heikura, CIO

BOB was able to start moving its IT infrastructure to the cloud smoothly and easily with plans to have migrated fully within a 1.5 year timeframe, eliminating the need for any local service.

Roger Wessel

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